Past Drops


SolToasts is an NFT collection consisting of toast with various costumes and accessories. They have been generated from ...
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Drop time Sun, Nov 14th 6:00 pm UTC


Solestials is a collection of planet NFTs with a really cute style and a significant number of variations. They are plan...
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Drop time Sat, Nov 13th 10:00 pm UTC


SolTowers allows you to acquire a building NFT with your own apartments. Each tower will have apartments inside where yo...
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Drop time Sat, Nov 13th 6:00 pm UTC


MiniMecha is a collection of unique anime mech NFTs. Each holder will have access to a play-to-earn game being released ...
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Drop time Thu, Nov 11th 5:00 pm UTC

Bored Girlfriends

Bored Girlfriends is an NFT collection of 10,000 uniquely generated girlfriends. The art style is quite unique for the N...
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Drop time Tue, Nov 9th 9:00 pm UTC


Elementals4Fusion is a fun NFT turn-based card game which was inspired by traditional card games. It is play-to-earn wit...
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Drop time Mon, Nov 8th 5:00 pm UTC

Elemental Magician

Elemental Magician is a collection of algorithmically generated powerful magician NFTs. There are 222 different characte...
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Drop time Sun, Nov 7th 2:00 pm UTC

Who's gonna kill Bill?

"Who's gonna kill Bill?'' is a mysterious metaverse that 9,999 suspects call their home. Every one of our suspects posse...
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Drop time Sat, Nov 6th 5:00 pm UTC


mnmls is a collection of 9,999 generative avatars with a very unique artistic style. They have an extensive team behind ...
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Drop time Fri, Nov 5th 5:00 pm UTC

The Shark Mob

The Shark Mob is an NFT collection surrounding unique gangster sharks, each with a combination of very detailed traits. ...
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Drop time Fri, Nov 5th 1:00 am UTC
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