Past Drops


LuckyKittens is a collection of 8,888 cute kitten NFTs. All royalties will go towards the project’s DAO where members ...
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Drop time Sun, Dec 12th 1:00 pm UTC

Handsome Snail Society

Handsome Snail Society is a collection of 9,999 unique snail NFTs. There are a wide variety of traits, creating of 250,0...
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Drop time Sun, Dec 12th 2:30 am UTC

Coffee Junkie Club

Coffee Junkie Club is intended to be a group of 10,000 friends who have a shared interest in coffee and NFTs. The art st...
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Drop time Sat, Dec 11th 1:00 am UTC

Crypto Titans

Crypto Titans is a collection of 3,208 NFTs with 100% hand-drawn traits. The team have clearly put incredible attention ...
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Drop time Mon, Dec 6th 8:00 pm UTC

Chibis by NFG

Chibis is a collection of carefully curated NFTs that provide a unique membership to the NFG ecosystem. They not only gr...
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Drop time Mon, Dec 6th 7:00 am UTC

Space Sharks

Space Sharks is a hand drawn generative NFT collection of futuristic sharks from space. The art is drawn in a really coo...
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Drop time Tue, Nov 30th 6:00 pm UTC

Painture Gallery

Painture Gallery is a deflationary NFT collection of paintings and sculptures. The project revolves around the concept o...
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Drop time Thu, Nov 25th 6:00 pm UTC

Sea Demons

Sea Demons is an NFT collection with a really unique art style. The project offers a variety of benefits such as royalti...
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Drop time Tue, Nov 23rd 11:00 pm UTC

Voodoo City

Voodoo City is a collection of creepy voodoo NFTs. Each NFT is very unique with many different traits, ensuring that no ...
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Drop time Tue, Nov 23rd 1:00 pm UTC

Amazing Women

Amazing Women is an NFT collection consisting of 5,000 unique female characters which were also designed by a female art...
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Drop time Mon, Nov 22nd 9:00 pm UTC
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